Wish List    Lista de deseos

You might be amazed at how many common household items, recycled materials, or leftover office supplies can be transformed into educational or play materials. To arrange for delivery or pick up please contact us at info@centrolasolas.com.

  • Wooden dollhouse people and furniture

  • Wooden manipulative sets such as log cabins, 
    pegboards, table blocks etc

  • Secondhand kitchen implements and metal butter molds for use with clay or playdough

  • Toaster-oven in working condition

  • Wooden unit blocks and accessories such as cars, people, trees…

  • Wooden trains and tracks

  • Wooden hollow blocks

  • Doll clothing

  • Dressup clothes

  • Used office equipment for dramatic play: calculators, keyboards, phones, clipboards

  • Fabric scraps larger than 1’ square, thread, yarn, trim/ribbons, buttons, needles and stuffing for sewing projects

  • Bendable wire, coated and uncoated, for sculptures

  • Sandbox toys in good condition, including trucks, cars, buckets and shovels

  • Large balls for play yard

  • Quality children’s books in Spanish

  • Craft materials such as ceramic tiles, wood scraps, tumbled glass, small containers, cardboard rolls…

  • Materials for building obstacle courses: milk crates, tires, tunnels, rope

  • Overhead projector

  • Translucent shapes and/or colored transparencies for overhead projector and light table

  • Stationery, letterhead, envelopes, and blank forms for the writing table

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